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Specialists in Business Computer Systems.
Authorized Dealer for Novell Networks.
Microsoft Delivery Service Partner.
Supplier of Quality Microcomputer Equipment.
Source of Business Solutions Software.
Custom Programming and Modifications to Packaged and In-house Program Systems.

CoCo Inc. is a full service company able to meet all of your computer needs.   We bring 35+ years of experience in the computer field, and specialize in personal assistance to arrive at the most efficient, cost-effective solution to your needs.   Our philosophy is dedication to complete customer satisfaction.

Authorized Provider
Novell Network Solutions.
Sales, Installation and Support, from small office systems to corporate enterprise solutions.
Microsoft Authorized Delivery Service Partner,
Windows NT & Windows 95/98 Networking Through
The Current Windows Server 2003 & Windows XP
    Network Environment Support: 
  • Planning and installation of mission-critical information systems
  • Optimization and fine-tuning of wired and wireless networks
  • Management of network administration and growth including Microsoft and Novell in mixed-topology configurations
  • Group enabled software solutions centering on Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange implementations
  • Resolution of network application issues
  • MS-Dos, Windows 95/98,  Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Server 2000, and Windows Server 2003 support in stand-alone or network environments
Authorized Dealer
Passport Software Inc.
 Accounting & Business Software
We also support other popular accounting systems including:
Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Payroll, Purchasing, Job Costing, Report Design & Production, Manufacturing, Distribution and Point-of-Sale
We Will Supply Equipment From Most 
Brand Name & Custom Manufacturers
    Custom Configurations Developed For: 
  • Computer processor and operating systems
  • Disk systems (In-Line, RAID, Removable, SAN, NAS, etc.)
  • Multimedia (CD/DVD-ROM, Voice, and Audio)
  • Special memory and video requirements
  • Printing (Laser, Inkjet, BubbleJet)
  • Archive Storage (Disk, Tape, DAT Backup, etc.)
Software Solutions

Sales, installation and support of most popular DOS and Windows based software packages, including Microsoft Office.   We design accounting and manu- facturing systems individually tailored to your needs, and custom develop business applications in Visual FOXPRO and Microsoft Access environments.


We are located at:   101 Main Street, Suite 2,
PO Box 263, Stockertown, PA 18083-0263

Phone: (610) 762-7793   Fax: E-Mail Only


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