Cross Platform Game Engine that is Powerful, Flexible and Free.

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  • Complete Toolchain

    Cocos has you covered with all stages of game development and all the tools that you will ever need. From creating new game projects, editing the game asset, testing and debugging IDE, to publishing, monetization and Analytics.

  • Proven Architecture

    Cocos2d-x engine, the core of Cocos is being used by hundreds of thousands developers around the world, It is the No.1 Mobile games engine in the world, Games made with Cocos2d-x dominate top grossing charts.

  • High Performance

    Based on the Cocos2d-x engine, it is one of the highest performant game engine available. More performance means less power consumption, penetrates deeper into low end devices, while the gamers can better enjoy a game with smooth experience.

  • Cross Platform

    You will be able to write your game once and deploy to many choices of platforms, Including for Mobile Desktop, Console and even web browsers.

  • Scripting Support

    Cocos allows you to use either Lua or JavaScript to write your game. Scripting allows faster iteration and easier prototyping and also much easier to learn than native C++ language. Games written in scripts can also be “Hot Updated” without the need to resubmit your game to the app marketplace.

  • Loaded with Features

    Cocos is loaded with features. Cocos2d-x is the most Feature-ful free 2d game engine out there with full 3d capabilities while also maintains lite footprint. Cocos2d-x is also easy to extend with countless enhancements contributed by the community.


Cocos Architecture

Cocos is built on top of world's leading proven solution: Cocos2d-x. Coupled with an All-In-One Game editor built specifically for Cocos2d-x : Cocos Studio; and a One-Stop IDE built specifically for Cocos2d-x: Cocos Code IDE.

Cocos is a complete, easy to use, toolchain for developing multi-platform games which goes all the way from rapid prototyping to a finished high performing game.

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  • Cocos2d-x

    World's most popular mobile game engine. Games made with Cocos2d-x dominate top charts in app marketplaces around the world.
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  • Cocos Studio

    An All-In-One Game editor designed specifically for Cocos2d-x. With Cocos Studio, you can create animations, game levels, menu and UI easily for your game.
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  • Cocos IDE

    Cocos Code IDE allows you to quickly develop your game in either LUA or JavaScript. Featuring smart code hinting and completion, in-depth script debugging, and one click publishing.
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Cocos Services

Cocos Services provide a one-stop shop for developers to build, distribute, monetize, and analyze their games through a single platform.

We proudly introduce our partners:

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Casual and mmorpg

You can create any kind of game with Cocos2d-x, it is simple enough to create casual games such as Big Fish Casino with ease; while powerful enough to create complex Action MMORPG such as Zenonia Online with great performance and slim package size.

Cross platforms(available on win,mac)

(deploy to mac, windows, linux, IOS, Android, win phone and more)

Cocos2d-x stands for Cross-Platform Cocos2d. You are able to write your game once, then deploy to any popular platforms, while we handle compatibility for you.

Cocos is available on Windows and Mac, and publish to iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Cocos2d-x used by thousands around the world

Cocos2d-x is being used by thousands of developers around the world in over 200 countries and more than 1.5 Million downloads.

According to AppBrain, Cocos2d-x is the most popular mobile game engine in the world.

3D and 2D

Cocos2d-x is not limited to 2D, it supports 3D as well. Better yet, the 3D API is geared towards 2D developers, so you don't have to learn scary 3D concepts such as quaternion. You can create 2.5D and 3D games the way you create 2D games.


Awesome Workflow

Cocos is everything that is between the "I have this idea for a new game" and the published game in different Stores.

We have you covered in every stage of game development, so making games can be fun and easy


Download Cocos in a single package


Blaze through installation wizard

New Project

Fire up Cocos and click on "New Project"

Build the Game World

Make game assets such as characters, UI, and compose your scene in Cocos Studio

Write and Debug Code

Implement your game with in Script with Cocos Code IDE. Debugging is also made easy with Cocos Code IDE

Package & Publish

Publish your game right from Cocos Code IDE in 1 click


Free Free and Free

That's right, Cocos is provided completely free with no strings attached. Downloading Cocos is free, there is no Royalty and no Obligation, and we even provide Free Tech Support on our forum

  • Free Download
  • Royalty Free
  • Free Tech Support

Download and get started

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